Our 8 Statements

031616aThese 8 Statements capture what we know to be true of the potential for your human life.  We invite you to read these, let the truth of them settle into your body, and notice the relief you feel as you acknowledge what’s true about yourself.

  • Your life has purpose.  You are unique and here by design to fulfil your unique undertaking, your mission
  • You are a spark of Life- a spark of the Divine.   You are made by the same creative force that fashioned the universe  and you have creativity imbedded in you
  • As you grow, you can remember that you are that spark.   You can reactivate your remembrance of your true identity.
  • Your body, mind and heart are designed to express who you are.   This is your equipment, your earthsuit,  beautifully designed for creative purposes.
  • Experience is more important than belief.  You’ve been learning this way since you were born.  It serves you well.
  • Your life unfolds gracefully as you learn how Life works.  Aligning with Life’s creative design makes your living easy.
  • You remember who you are more easily when you’re with others doing likewise.  This is the power of a group.
  • As you remember, you’ll realise your life has an even higher purpose – your calling to be of service to mankind.

We invite you to discover the ever deepening meaning of these words in your own experience at Riverdell Spiritual Centre Programs, Workshops and being with the people who know these to be true.


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