Mission & Values

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The Emissaries (SA) Inc is an association of people committed to empowering and transforming daily living through expressing qualities of Love and Truth. We serve by generating an inspiring environment and activities that encourage spiritual growth, including Attunement, Education in Life’s principles and Community.

Our Dream

Riverdell Spiritual Centre is a leader in the remembrance of true identity, purpose and beauty as revealed through practical spiritual living.


Our values reflect our interest in practical spirituality.  We welcome all who are interested in expressing the qualities of the One Spirit which underpins all spiritual and religious traditions.  Values including integrity, inclusiveness, compassion, creativity, commitment, authenticity and accountability are expressions of our knowing that that One Spirit is the source of Love, Truth and Life for us all.   As we come together, qualities of friendship, community and team collaboration become further expressions of that One Spirit.

Want to help us?

We always welcome support of any kind at Riverdell.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated to help maintain our program offerings.


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