To help you get started, or to deepen your experience of what it means to be a Spiritual Being having a human experience, here are some tools you can use at home.    And check out ProgramsAttunement  &  Ways to Connect pages for more information



Slow Down Meditations.  Click on the link below and let yourself unwind.  If you are new to meditation, you can watch the video and pay attention to your breathing, noticing each inhalation and exhalation of air through your nostrils.   At the end, stand up and shake your arms, releasing any tension that you may have been carrying.  Or you can simply close your eyes and enjoy the audio.

This 2 minute video invites you to Slow Down, Slow Down, Slow Down.

Slow Down Meditation 1 – flowing water

Join our regular Meditation or Yin Yoga classes.   Or slow down for an afternoon at Just Be or Miracle of Silence

Tools for Reflection.   Here are some journaling questions to guide your creative thinking:


Tools for Renewal.  









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