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  1. Aligning our actions with intentions.  Membership represents a commitment to ourselves in saying “YES” to the call of our Inner Spirit in the deepest way.  And whenever we commit to something, unexpected benefits happen, as the German poet Goethe reminds us – Until there is com
  2. Association with people who are also actively engaged in living into their greatness.  An updraft of energy can occur whenever such people gather to support each other in this growth process.
  3. Activities and courses providing inspiration and tuition in awakening inspired living.  Details of courses are available on our website and individual brochures
  4. Directory of Australian & New Zealand members – printed annually.
  5. Riverdell e-newsletter : Awakenings.
  6. 10% reduction on in depth event fees.

People become Members for all sorts of reasons.  Here’s what people said in early 2014 

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New membership is available at $60 p.a.

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