A Journey of Self-Discovery

beachI believe we all want more meaningful, joyful and fulfilling lives.  Yet so many times I have heard people express how stuck and unhappy they feel.  Stuck in relationships that aren’t working, jobs they don’t like, habits that are uncomfortable, etc., etc.  Ground hog day over and over.

I felt that same way many years ago and realised that I was pretty angry about it.   I remember once standing on a beach alone on a cold wet windy day and screaming my anger at ‘God’ and the unfairness of how life operated.  I didn’t care if ‘he’ struck me down because I was over it all!

What I am grateful for is that I didn’t stay stuck in that state because somewhere buried deep in my heart I really knew there could be something different, I just had to work out how to find it.

Yet many people do stay stuck in that state because they believe that is all there is or that they don’t have the energy to change it. They live life small.   I feel really sad when I think about all that lost potential because we are not meant to live small.  This world desperately needs us all to live in big bold living colour. And we live big and bold when we take action and follow the “burning desires” that are in our own hearts.

Along my journey of self-discovery I uncovered the two things that support me to live my “burning desires”:

1.  Meditation 

What I love about meditation is that it brings me closer to myself.  When I practise it regularly the loud critical voice in my head eases and the insights and awareness begin to flow.  Suddenly I have clarity around what the next step on my journey is to be and if I follow that step then another step miraculously emerges.  Meditation also soothes me and restores me to a place of trust that life is flowing, I am ok and all is well.  Even when things turn upside down, meditation keeps me centred so I can get through it.

2.  Attunement

Through my studies of Attunement as a way of life, I have learned that there are actual steps I can take each and every day to align with the forces of Love.  A sort of active living meditation, if you will.  These essential steps – patience, tranquillity, realization, assurance, radiance, wisdom and love – are now the guiding principles in my life.  When I use these steps I am in touch with the true majesty of myself as a ‘spiritual being having a human experience’.

I know we are not alone, ruled by a powerful random force that can strike at any time.  I firmly believe that even though life is not always easy or understandable there are reliable tools freely available to support our journey and keep us connected to the energy of Love.  All we have to do is use the tools.

These days when I walk along the beach and yell it is just because I am feeling joyful and invigorated by Life!!


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