Welcome to the exciting journey of discovering your greatness !  That greatness is held in potential by your Inner Spirit – a source of love, wisdom and power within all people.  The journey of awakening is discovering this richness inside you and then bringing the unique gift of that Spirit in how you think, feel and act in the world.

Choosing to live your life as a spiritual being is exciting.   And you can discover your Inner Spirit by just being open to experience.   Where you start is your choice – we have something for everyone at Riverdell.

Through participating in Riverdell programs and being with people here, you’ll find you start looking at your life differently.  You’ll start to experience how Inner Spirit reveals itself in others and yourself.   As you deepen your knowing of your inner love, wisdom and power, you’ll notice new things happening in your life that lead to personal fulfillment. Then life becomes more and more about fulfillment, both personally and  collectively, and the joy that accompanies that.

So where do you start?   Choose where you’d like to start:

  1. Meditation 
  2. Yin Yoga – open your body to new experience through gentle stretching
  3. Cosmos and Cycles – Insights From The Stars -  workshop on astrology
  4. The Miracle of Silence – discover yourself through silence
  5. Celebrating Earths Sacred Cycles – evening acknowledging equinoxes and solstices
  6. Sunday Mornings at Riverdell - time for reflection, inspiration and community connection
  7. Attunement - experience non-touch healing from within

I look forward to meeting you at Riverdell and sharing the journey of discovering your greatness with you.


Dr Andrew Horwood

Program Director



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